Hello, I’m Luis, the health buff behind Weight Loss Information and I based in Miami, Florida.

6 years ago, I battled with terrible weight gain which prompted me to start this blog. I have struggled a lot, too much that I didn’t know how I was even able to maintain writing about how I was going, the exercises I doing and the food I kept on making just to keep my sanity.


I was depressed for so long because of how I look.

Fast forward 2015, I am now a 35 year old health buff, someone who’s not focused on┬ápersonal appearance but on helping others who would want to be healthy and feel good about themselves regardless of their size.

I am a professional doctor, yet I failed to recognize the bad part of what I was doing before. What I have had in mind then was to get thin and be accepted by the society’s standards.

If you’re on the heavy side, lose weight so you’ll be healthy, not because you want to be supermodel thin.